Suzanne Vermeulen

Where did you meet each other?

My dad wanted to introduce me to one of the new teachers that started at the school. This introduction took place during an athletic practice and little did we know that my dad’s match making skills lead to meeting the most incredible man of my dreams.

In short, tell us about your wedding day:

It was more than we could ever imagine and better than the dream we always heard about it. The love between us was tangible and the joy that experienced cannot be described in words. The best family and friends, great food, music along with dancing… what more could we ask for. It was our fairy tale day and we are thankful that the photos could capture every moment for us to remember and hold on to forever.

What is your definition of a successful marriage?

We are both Cristian believers so for us the only everlasting glue that holds two people together forever is God, His unconditional love, Grace and guidance. To build every foundation of the marriage on His Word will guide you with His truth. The love spouses can have for one another is purely because of the love He has for us. That is our definition.