Lanie Blignaut

Where did you meet each other?

We met at his sister’s 23rd birthday party in February 2010. I was still in my final year at university studying Optometry, and was actually really tired since I got back from the Phelophepa train of hope (a mobile healthcare hospital) that morning. My friend kind of forced me to go, and boy was I glad I decided to get myself out of bed. At the party I couldn’t play songs from my cell phone and asked if he would help me. He tried his best, as I think he was trying to impress me, but failed to get a song to play from my crappy cell phone. We went on a couple of dates the following 2 months, and the rest is history… I was totally falling in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.

In short, tell us about your wedding day:

Our wedding day was one of the most anticipated days of our lives. We both did so much in preparation to make this day memorable for us and enjoyable for our guests. Everything happened “according to plan” and it all payed off at the end. We were scared that the day would be over too soon and that we wouldn’t have time to spend with our guests. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, as the night surely but slowly faded with our guests and we got around to seeing majority of them. It was a day we would never plan again, but surely do it again.

What is your definition of a successful marriage?

Our definition of a successful marriage is time. Time to get to know each other. Time to grow together. Time to forgive. Time to forget. Time to remember. Time to leave. Time to commit. Have the time of your life by the time lent to you. Spend time, it’s one of the most precious gifts you can give.