Kristen Greeff

Where did you meet each other?
Walking up and down stairs and passages, without noticing we pass each other numerous times during the day, not knowing that we are going to be husband and wife someday…. we didn’t know each other at that time, but after school, we met at a bar, Eastwoods, in Bellville, Cape Town. I recognized him immediately. It was like love at first sight, and at that moment I knew what that means! That evening we parted our ways with a soft kiss on my neck and him whispering: “I will find you”. That week my tummy was full of butterflies, I couldn’t think straight… And then after a few days I saw a friend request from this handsome, loving man on Facebook and from there on our love for each other grew bigger and bigger each day until 5 years later when he asked me to become his wife in the beautiful Knysna, will never forget the beautiful setup with candles packed out in a heart shape with rose petals on the floor all along from the door to where he stood, in the middle of the candles, playing the most beautiful song, “from the ground up”, said the most beautiful words and kneeled down in front of me….

In short, tell us about your wedding day:
Our wedding day was in so many ways perfect … waking up on that beautiful sunny morning, no fear, no stress, was absolutely an amazing feeling knowing that I am going to see my Prince and become his wife, his princess. We had loving and caring friends and family that shared our wedding day with us. The beautiful setting with the most beautiful flowers, different shades of pink & white, with candles all over, was very elegant & romantic. It was definitely our own fairy tale. Our first dance, what an amazing feeling, it felt as if it was just the two of us … no other word can describe our wedding day other than Perfect!

What is your definition of a successful marriage?
A successful marriage for me is the love and care you give each other everyday, respecting each other, supporting each other, being patient with each other, forgiveness, and most importantly to accept who you are and not changing you who they want you to be. The love between a husband & wife should be unbreakable.