Kayla Louw

Where did you meet each other?

We were at school together, however, with the small age gap, our paths did not cross at that time. I was friends with his cousins at school and as he would say, I was “out of his league”. A few years after school, we saw each other a few times in popular ‘clubs’ at that time in Pretoria but at that time we were just friends. After we both went through breakups and heartbreak a few years later, we met once again at Weiveld and I describe it as “my ridder op sy wit perd aka wit hilux”!

In short, tell us about your wedding day:

Our wedding theme can be described as rustic elegance! Our colour scheme was white, greenery and a touch of rose gold with wooden Lazer-cut details. From start to finish our day was so enjoyable, from getting ready and drinking champagne with my bridesmaids to the good luck drops of rain that fell when I walked into the chapel. Our suppliers were so professional and our day was super organized (which suits my personality). If I had one wish it would be to press pause at each and every single moment

What is your definition of a successful marriage?

A successful marriage needs a solid foundation containing the following: Always putting God first, trust, understanding, respect, forgiveness, continuously growing together, protecting each other and being one another’s biggest supporter and motivators in life.
Our pastor mentioned something in our wedding service on our wedding day that really hit home: “Be nice to each other, even when it is difficult or in challenging times” and “know each others heart’s and keep on getting to know your partner’s heart as things may change and you need to adapt, do not outgrow each other”