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Frequently asked questions

If you are still unsure about something, contact admin@bruidsgids.co.za

Q: What are the dimentions of my stall?




A: The height of your stall is: 2.5m. Kindly call Diane directly for any questions regarding the exact inside measurements of your stall (Eg. Banners, etc.) : 082 944 8227





Q: What material may I use to make up my stall?


  • You can also hire S-hooks from Dianne to hang heavy objects in your stall: 082 944 8227



Q: Is there a height restriction for the drop-off zone?


A: Yes. Brooklyn Mall has a 2.1m height restriction for vehicles at the entrance of the Drop Off Zone.


Q: What is the maximum height of the exhibition area?


A: The maximum height / ceiling of the exhibition area is 3.1m, although all stall structures are 2.5m high.


Q: Are we allowed to have more than one item in our exhibition case at Brooklyn?







A: Yes you are more than welcome to. Please remember that the dimentions of the case are 30cm by 30cm.


Q: Are there any requirements for the live musicians?


A: Yes. All musicians must complete an indemnity form and wear black on the day.


Q: How many cases are available at Brooklyn Mall?




A: There are 5 cases for wedding dresses and 40 smaller cases for other suppliers. Remember that these cases are only available from January 2021 and are for use completely at own risk. ( Separate Brooklyn Management Indemnity to be completed for this service.)



Q: Can I style my own case at Brooklyn mall?



A: Unfortunately not. Brooklyn Mall has their own stylist to curate the cases.


Q: May the exhibitors bring their own lunch?



Yes you are allowed to. You are at your stand the whole day after all 🙂

Q: Do exhibitors pay for parking?


Expo4Brides will give exhibitors two complimentary parking tickets per day for parking in Brooklyn Mall parking lot.



Q: Are the exhibitors allowed to sell food or drinks?



Unfortunately, the selling of food and drinks are not allowed.

Q: What marketing platforms are you using to advertise the expo?


Brooklyn Mall offers Touch Screens, Media Screens, Posters, Digital Signage, display cases prior to the expo, and Social Media posts.

Bruidsgids will use the following marketing platforms: Street Poles, ads in both of our magazines (Bruidsgids & Wedding Guide), our own websites (weddingguide.co.za and expo4brides.co.za), a billboard in Lois Avenue, ads on vehicles, and various Social Media marketing campaigns.


Q: When are exhibitors allowed to set up their stalls?



Exhibitors can set up their stalls on Thursday 25 February 2021, as well as on Friday 26 February 2021. Time slots will be allocated to all exhibitors.


Q: What are the dimensions of the display cases in Brooklyn Mall?


The dimensions for these cases are 30cmx30cm. Please contact us with any questions regarding the display cases: admin@bruidsgids.co.za.

Q: Who qualifies to have an extra free table setting?

Only venues, decor and co-ordinators may have an additional mock table / table setting.

Q: May there be chairs around the mock tables / table settings?

Unfortunately not, this takes up too much space.

Q: May exhibitors run competitions from their stalls?

Of course! We encourage competitions, as this will help our exhibitors to build their client database.

Q: What must be treated with fire retardant?

Is it compulsory for exhibitors to have all material in their stall treated with fire retardant.

Q: Are exhibitors allowed to have candles in their stalls?

No. Candles are a fire hazard, therefore only electric candles are allowed.

Q: What mediums may exhibitors use to make up their stalls?


Exhibitors are not allowed to paint their stalls. Only double sided tape, hooks and Prestik are allowed.


Q: Who are allowed to have models that walk through the expo?


Unfortunately, no models are allowed to walk through the expo.

Q: Will there be security at the expo during the night?


A: Yes. There will be overall security but unfortunately not per stand. To be safe, rather take your most valuable items home with you, because your stand is completely at own risk.


Q: Will there be WiFi at the expo?


A: Unfortunately Brooklyn Mall does not offer WiFi in the parking area where the expo will take place, only in the mall itself.


Q: Am I allowed to sell products at my stand?


A: Definitely, but unfortunately no food or drinks.