Drop off zone time slot booking

Due to limited space at Brooklyn Mall, logistics regarding the Drop Off Zone may be a bit of a challenge. To ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible, we have allocated a 15 minute slot per exhibitor over a period of two days. Please follow the steps below to secure your slot as soon as possible as we work on a first come first serve basis. Please note that each exhibitor may only select ONE time slot, therefore we urge you to please be at Brooklyn Mall as close to your chosen time as possible.

Because every time slot is only 15 minutes, we advise you to please bring someone along to assist our dedicated porters with the offload process. It is very important to note that the height restriction is 2.1m, please keep that in mind when arranging your delivery transport.


Follow the following steps to secure your time slot:

  1. On the calendar below, navigate to February 2020
  2. Choose between the 20th or the 21st of February
  3. Choose a time slot that suits you
  4. Complete the form to confirm your time slot