General Information

Bruidsgids Expo4Brides 2019
16 & 17 February 2019 • Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria • 09:00 – 15:00

Please read through the following important information:

Stall size & cost
3 x 2m Stall R9 142-50 (incl VAT) Full payment required immediately please  
3 x 1m Stall R5 692-50 (incl VAT) Full payment required immediately please  
2 x 1m Stall R4 887-50 (incl VAT) Full payment required immediately please  
Standard stall information


NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of 50% immediately with booking. NO STALL WILL BE CONFIRMED if the deposit is not received with signing of contract.

3 x 2m Stall R9 142-50 (incl VAT) Full payment required immediately please  
3 x 1m Stall R5 692-50 (incl VAT) Full payment required immediately please  
2 x 1m Stall R4 887-50 (incl VAT) Full payment required immediately please  

• The Exhibition Stall Number must be used as reference on any deposit slip.

• All payments made to the Organisers must be made to:


Account holder: Bruidsgids (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Account no: 62771367630
Account type: Current/Cheque
Branch Code: 250655
Ref on payment: STALL NUMBER + Business Name

• Credit Card payment option also available (Budget – 6 to 12 months) and may be paid from now on without
deposit (ask us more about this).

Cancellation of a stall

Should an Exhibitor cancel the Stall after 30 November 2018 the Exhibitor is responsible to find a replacement and will be held accountable for the total amount still outstanding.

Additional Provisions

If the precise area and location of the Stall is agreed upon between the parties, the Exhibitor acknowledges that theStall is subject to a variation in size of no more than 15% (fifteen percent), subject to the appropriate adjustments of the contract price, and furthermore, that the Organisers will have the right to relocate the Stall in its sole discretion.

All fixtures and fittings other than the Stall and additional fixtures in terms of this agreement will be prepared and installed entirely at the Exhibitor’s cost, but subject to the Organisers being entitled to issue written directives with regard to materials layout and design thereof.

The Exhibitor may not remove or dismantle any portion of the Stall before expiry of the duration of the exhibition.

The Exhibitor must dismantle and remove the installation and return the Stall to the condition in which it was  when access thereto for the purpose of preparing the stall was given to the Exhibitor, by not later than noon on the last day
of the exhibition.

Ownership in and to the Stall and all additional fixtures and fittings will remain with the Organisers, and it will be the Exhibitor’s obligation to maintain it for the course of the exhibition, and to return it to the Organisers on completion of the exhibition in good order and condition, fair wear and tear only accepted.

Access to the exhibition

The Exhibitor, upon compliance with all its obligations in terms of this contract, will be afforded access on the day immediately preceding the first day of the duration of the exhibition.

The parties agree that the Exhibitor will not be granted access to the exhibition in the event that the Exhibitor does not pay the Stall price in full.

Use of the stall

The Exhibitor may use the stall solely for the purpose described in the contract.

The Exhibitor will only be entitled to use double sided tape or Prestic for the purpose of attaching items to the walls
of the Stall and will not be entitled to use any other adhesive or method.

No form of paint or colouring of the walls of the Stall is allowed.

The Exhibitor may not cede, assign, transfer, make over, sub-let, alienate or in any way burden or restrict any of his/her rights in terms of this agreement.

Conduct of the exhibitor

The Organisers will stipulate the hours of the exhibition, and the Exhibitor will be obliged to keep the Stall open and adequately staffed during said hours for the duration of the exhibition.

Cancellation of exhibition

The venue, its management and the organisers of this event have taken every possible precaution for the safety of visitors, vehicles, goods, and valuables. However, it is impossible to fully guarantee the safety of visitors, vehicles, goods and valuables. You therefore enter at your own risk.

Admission is granted on the clear understanding that any visitors Save attending the function/show understand the risk involved. If you enter the premises, you waive, for yourself, and for your successors, assigns or dependants, any claims whatsoever that you may have against the venue, its management and/or the organisers of the event, any beneficiaries, the owner/lessor of this property. This waiver applies to any injury, loss of life, damage or loss of property, vehicles, goods, and valuables whatsoever that you may suffer while attending this event. Right of admission strictly reserved and Enter at own risk.

General Information

No warranty or representation, expressed or implied other than contained in this contract, which constitutes the whole agreement between the parties, and no variation hereof will be valid or binding unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties. In the absence of a material breach hereof by the Organisers, the Exhibitor is not entitled to cancel the contract.

The Exhibitor hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court having territorial jurisdiction in terms of Section 28 of the Magistrate’s Court Act, as amended, notwithstanding that amount in dispute exceeds the jurisdiction of such Court.
The Organisers in their discretion will be entitled to cede its right, title and interest in and to this contract. In whole or in part, to which the Exhibitor hereby irrevocably consents.
The Exhibitor waives and abandons any rights that it may have under Section 62(1) (c) of the Magistrate’s Court Act, which provisions it, undertakes not to invoke.

Floor Plan

Kindly confirm if your desired stall is available by sending an email to Please give three possible options as your first option may already be reserved.

Booking form

Confirmation of payment of a 50% non-­refundable deposit for the stall, accompanied by this form is the ONLY WAY to secure your stand at Bruidsgids Expo4Brides 2019.

We hereby apply for exhibition space at Bruidsgids Expo4Brides 2019,
16 and 17 February 2019, at Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria.