Jana Hurter

Bride’s name: Jana
Groom’s name: Louis
Mr & Mrs: Hurter
Wedding date: 28/04/2018

Please list as many of your suppliers as possible:

  • Bulb flowers
  • Lara Blevi designs
  • Boorwater farm-Hopefield
  • Tonette’s
  • Baie Goeters
  • Brynn Gale photography

Where did you meet each other?

Onrus, first years camp, straight out of High School.

In short, tell us about your wedding day:

Most importantly, it was a colorful happy family day. My mom embroidered my veil by hand for three months with colorful flowers. Louis and I did not sweat the small stuff. We wanted our family and friends to feel included. We had a joyous farm-style Hopefield wedding.

What is your definition of a successful marriage?

Giving and receiving in equal amounts and being aware of what it takes for the one to give what the other needs to get. Being each other’s comfort and safety but also not allowing one another to let talents and potential fall by the wayside. A successful marriage is a balance between love and respect.