Elzanne Smuts

We met through friends at a braai. In the beginning we weren’t interested in each other or rather not ready due to previous relationships. We had to heal first. We also both knew you had to be content with yourself and happy without someone next to you the whole time. Exactly one year after that we saw each other again at the same friend’s birthday party and couldn’t stopped talking. So the journey started…

I can describe my wedding day in three words: Gorgeous, Godly and Unforgettable. I’ve always dreamt of an elegant wedding day with lots of detail. I most certainly got that! It was a sunny day with the prettiest mountain view you can ever imagine. I walked in on a song that was a surprise and I would always capture my husband’s emotional face. We read our vows out loud, I engraved on his ring and we let doves flew away together to symbolize the peace we had in our hearts. The décor, white flowers, lights and candles were indescribable.

Feeling like the most beautiful women on that day with an oil painting on my side, I couldn’t help smiling every minute. Our day was already perfect. We used helium balloons when taking photos. We also took pictures nearby a dam with the sunset behind us, shining through the trees’ leaves, looking like a backdrop. We ate like kings and the desert was divine.

Our wedding cake where three tiers: pumpkin, carrot and cappuccino. We also had an ice-cream self-help deli which was irreplaceable, especially on a summer’s evening. We choreographed our own dance and I wrote a song that I pre-recorded which was played for my husband after the speeches. Tears were running down his face. After that me and my dad also did a surprise item where we rocked and rolled on Elvis Presley. All the speeches were so touching and sincerely from the heart. We literally embraced every second and enjoyed the company of all our loved ones. I will get married over and over again, every time with the same man.

6 January 2018 will always be the most exquisite day of all times! Definitely to have the Lord as the most important priority in your relationship. It’s only grace that we can trust and love each other with all our hearts. Through Christ we get to experience blessings on a daily basis. I believe you have to make time to spoil your husband. Make him feel like a king, he will then treat you like the queen. Always listen first and then communicate. Be each other’s best friend. Honesty, commitment, standing up for each other and finding that secureness and safety together. When you experience peace and unexplained love, you know you are soulmates. Because when he is happy, you will always be happy!