Bianca Taljaard

Bride’s name: Bianca
Groom’s name: Jason
Mr & Mrs: Taljaard
Wedding date: 20/05/2018

Please list as many of your suppliers as possible:

  • Kloofzicht Lodge Muldersdrift
  • Hand Creations
  • Love & Beloved
  • Friedel Knobel
  • Celeste Cilliers Photography

Where did you meet each other?

We met on a online dating site on a special running on Christmas day: Dating for Professionals.

In short, tell us about your wedding day:

A cold winters morning with a few early morning hurdles to overcome turned out to be an extremely warm heart felt day. Romantic, special and with an undeniable spiritual presence followed by a different but an outstanding late morning Brunch in a warm Beautiful Venue decorated by Love& Beloved with Fireplaces lit and the sound of music by Friedel Knobel on the Saxophone. New friendships formed and old friendships got stronger and strong but steady family relationships was just confirmed. We will not want to change one single thing about our day and we are very sure that if we had to do it all over again, we will do it exactly the same.

What is your definition of a successful marriage?

We believe a happy marriage needs a strong foundation and with us that foundation is our relationship with God ,and trust in Him and in each other. The minute the foundation gets shaken the house falls apart. We also believe that communication and respect is the cement to keep the foundation strong. We believe in Love much, Laugh Often and Pray together.